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Smiling Goat Shurbs

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Shrubs are concentrated drinking vinegars. These vinegars can be used to enhance a cocktail, added to sparkling wine for a mimosa alternative, or mixed with club soda to create a non-alcoholic shrub soda. (Shrubs also have a great application in the kitchen as a vinaigrette or a marinade. )

Vinegar in cocktails basically has the same effect salt does in food – it enhances the flavors. As for shrub sodas – these are a healthy (and more flavorful) alternative to a regular soda pop and provides you with an exciting non-alcoholic drink. Depending on your preference – only 0.5 to 2 oz are needed per beverage.

No more need for a boring beverage.

Bees Knees - Citrus, local honey, juniper, coriander, and chamomile provide a perfect blend that creates a flavor packed experience with this shrub. The silky-smooth texture of the honey gives way to the spice of juniper as you sip the shrub while the floral chamomile lingers on the finish. Any way you present it, you are sure to be the bee’s knees of the party with this shrub.

Flamingo Pride - Who doesn’t love strawberries & champagne? With this shrub you can enjoy that perfect combo anytime you like. Aromas of pink peppercorn are met with flavors of sweet strawberry and pleasantly tart champagne vinegar. Enjoy this shrub with soda water for a delicious refreshment or kick it up a notch with a little bourbon. Drink it anyway you like but be sure to drink it with pride.

Dilly Datil - The St. Augustine native pepper, the Datil pepper, provides a perfectly pleasant spice to this refreshing cucumber shrub. The fresh cooling cucumber flavor and the subtle Datil pepper spice on the nose and finish are brought together with the crisp flavor of the rice wine vinegar. Perfect for a spicy margarita!

Hopped HIbiscus - The intense floral and citrus aromas found in this shrub from the Cascade hops are sure to please. The dry hopping process brings out the powerful floral hop aromas while offering a light bitter hop flavor. The tartness of the hibiscus pairs well with the apple cider vinegar.

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